Company Profile

Ninety years have passed since we were founded in Sabae, the eyeglasses capital of Japan.
We are mainly involved in planning, sales, and other wholesale work.
Through brands like grande dame and VOC, as well as both standard and niche products, we have continued to create products that customers wear for many years.
Our new brand, BALANCER, adds weights at the tips of the temples based on the concept of ultra-balanced frames. This new concept is gaining us new customers.
The FU×PAS brand is focused on both classic and casual frames.
VAN-ZAI uses flip-style frames for cool designs in a colorful range, making them popular.
We shall continue to devote ourselves to being a frame manufacturer beloved by all.

Company name Miyamoto Optical Co.,Ltd
Representative Takaharu Miyamoto
Established August 1941
Capital ¥15,000,000
employee 5people
Address 5-28 Hinode-Cho Sabae-City Fukui-Pref Japan 〒916-0053
TEL.+81-778-52-0134  FAX.+81-778-53-0088
Our company does not speak English so please email us.
Business contents Planning and sales of original brands.

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